Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How do we find PUG BLOGGER friends???

We're new to BLOGGER and would love to find some new PUGGY friends!! Anyone care to help us figure that out? THANKS so much!! Woof-Woof!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoon........

well folks, we decided to den up and stay in today....... the breeze is so nice though outside.. it warm, sunny and feels so great... Pebbles however has different plans.. chewing on sticks and sunbathing.... ha!! Have a good week!!

Friday, October 19, 2007


OK, so we thought an xx-small would work... but no, she's actually bigger than I thought... weighing in at only 5lbs I would think a regular small would work, but it had to be... we took the xx-small back and Im glad we did, we would have not made it through winter with that size.... So, we didnt get the sweater we wanted, it was all gone... but this one is cute just the same...

Anyhow, here are some cute doggie shots... of Pebbles modeling her sweater.....

TTFN , and have a great weekend....

A Cry for help!

LOL......... poor, poor bandie boy "Banditt" he feels like he is in baby sister H-E- (double hockey sticks).. every since Pebbles came home, I swear he's crying out for help... "Get Her Off Me- pluh-ease!" so I had to get some photos you know, of how she "clobbers" him as soon as he gets outside, or vice versa... she goes into the "tucked in butt" Attack Mode!! She loves him soooooooooo much, and he's getting sooooooooooooo old , that he could care a less if she even existed... Poor Poor bandie boy.... Maybe she'll grow up quick.... nahhhhhhhh, no such luck!! ha ha!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

NOW introducing MISS PEBBLES!

Here is my new baby girl Miss Pebbles!! She was flown in from Alabama last week..... She is a real spit fire, full of N-R-G!!! Hope to post more soon....